Theatre Enthusiasts to be Kore Famous

(Above) The cast of Keating! The Musical
Photo courtesy of Kyle Stephens.

Theatre-fanatic Kyle Stephens went on a steep learning curve running his theatre company, Kore Productions, following the success of its first musical.

The 19-year-old from Eagle-Vale started Kore Productions this year from his love of theatre and a vision of where it will take him.

“The only way I was going to be able to put on the productions I wanted to see done was by making my own theatre company,” he said.

A bumpy road for Kore Productions’ first show, Keating! The Musical, has been a great learning experience for the amateur-producer.

“I learnt all the things I shouldn’t do with producing,” he joked, adding that the best way to learn is on the job.

“Especially in theatre […] you have to make mistakes in order to learn something.”

The 2011 graduate of Newtown Performing Arts High School splits his time between studying at the Australian Institute of Music and working at Kings Street Theatre.

“I’m really into the productions side of things,” he said.

“But my real passion is to actually be on stage for the productions I put on.”

If Stephens takes anything from his first experience producing, he says it will be his management of money.

“Budgeting is the most important thing,” he said. “You have to know how much everything is going to cost before you go into

“Keating was the musical that Kore Productions had to have.”
Photo courtesy of Kyle Stephens


Stephens plans to release a Kore Productions magazine three times a year to not only build publicity for the company, but raise money.

Julian Kelijian, audio director for Kore Productions, believes Stephens has what it takes to keep the company alive and growing.

“He has the ambition and the support of a lot of helpful people,” said Julian.

“He wants to establish a name for the company. He wants to be known in the industry.”

Stephens would love to see a flow of regulars for Kore Productions auditions to turn them into stars.

“They can become ‘Kore’ famous,” he said.

Stephens envisions it will take up to two years to build a steady fan base of the company.

Kore Productions will put on its second show, Zombie Prom, in March 2013.


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